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Lalitha was born in a musical family in Bombay. She spent her youth in this busy city and took part in many competitions, in which she won first place. She auditioned for and was selected by All-India Radio (AIR), at the first attempt, and she was hired as a recording light music artist for AIR.

Lalitha's voice has often been compared to the legend Lata Mangeshkar. One of her fans once commented that as he walked into a party, before realizing Lalitha was performing live, he thought it was a CD playing with Lataji singing the song.

In 1997, Lalitha auditioned for the great maestro pundit Ravi Shankarji and she was selected as a soloist to sing his composition at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C., in honor of India's 50th anniversary of independence.

With Lalitha's versatile talent, she can make her voice sound like any of the great singers, whether they be the legendary Lataji, Ashaji, or Geeta Duttji, or the present-day singers such as Alka Yagnik, Sunidhi Chouhan and so on. The power in her voice when she sings punchy latest numbers will make you want to dance all night, while the emotions she pours into songs of yesteryears will move you to tears.

Lalitha's years of experience in the music field can be clearly seen when she leads the group in all her performances. The musical lists she performs range from good old melodies to the present peppy songs, catering to audiences of all walks of life. She is proficient not only in performing Hindi or Punjabi songs but is very talented in performing all the regional languages of India.

Lalitha in conversation with the greatest melody queen Asha Bhosleji during one of Ashaji's concerts here in the US.
Lalitha with Hariharanji during her participation in Zee Sarigama competition.
Lalitha was auditioned and selected as soloist to sing the composition of the famous sitar maestro Pundit Ravi Shankarji in honor of India's 50th Independence Day at the famous Kennedy Center.
Lalitha with the evergreen legendary Lata Mangeshkarji during one of Lataji's concerts in the US.

Biography: Sangeet Band Members

Sangeet was formed in 1990. It consists of a keyboardist, guitarist, tablist, drummer, and a male and female singer. Lalitha, the female singer, is also the organizer of the group. They cater to melodious old songs for mehfils and also fast beat modern songs for a party atmosphere. Although they are primarily well known in the east coast and have always received rave reviews, they are open to travelling to other parts of the U.S.