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Hi Aunty Lalitha,

On behalf of all of the Khemlani & Shah families, and especially Bimal & I, we would like to thank you and your group's performance at our Sangeet. You and your band were fantastic, and I can't tell you how many complements we received about how great your performance was. From our first conversation, you were very accommodating and you were committed to making this a lively and fun event. You succeeded on all levels and were all very happy about how wonderful the music was that night.

I know that many of the youngsters appreciated you singing all the newest/popular songs. I know many of the parents were happy about the oldies that you performed. The garba/raas music was fantastic and I know that Bimal's family and community were excited that they could dance and do dandia. And I know my family loved the Sindhi songs you performed. All in all, your performances were diverse, involved all of our guests, and was lively to keep the dancefloor full all through the night. So thank you for the wonderful performance.

My Sangeet was exactly how I imagined it, so I appreciate all the hard work that you and your band put into making the night successful. Please pass along my thanks and wishes to the rest of your group. And we will be sure to think about you and your band again for our future events.

Best wishes and thank you!

Bimal & Rina Shah

Mohan & Neeta Khemlani

Ramesh & Prgana Shah

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Dear Lalita and all the artists,

Thanks for bringing so much talent in one group. Everyone has exceeded the expectations. I wish all my freinds were there. Actually crowd in temple has changed so much. I have never seen so many kids of same age at one place and so energetic. I was just praying you all will keep your focus. Its not easy to perform when so many kids are running around.

Lalita, you did it all. Hats off to your leadership. Your list of songs was fantastic!

I must say you all are the best. Songs were taken by the crowd so well. Each song you started they jumped with joy. All three singers were amazing.

We'll definitely we will keep you in mind for a long time and for all future shows.

Well done.



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